What is the use of testing the SNMP configuration of a device ?
We will see how with snmpwalk

Presentation SNMP

The activation of a SNMP configuration on switch, router and firewall equipment is intended to make metrology.
This will make it possible to retrieve various and varied information (CPU, RAM, uptime, use of the interfaces, …) and to identify them on graphics (via cacti for example).

Test your SNMP configuration with snmpwalk

To test an SNMP configuration, you can use the snmpwalk command :

snmpwalk – « version » -c « communauty name » « ip device » « OID »

V1 or v2c ((it is recommended to use v2c)
name of the community declare in the device to access the information
The IP or hostname address of the device to test
constructor identifier for obtaining device information

Each manufacturer has its own oid.
You can find OEMs on the website: http://www.oidview.com/mIBs/detail.html

Example of snmpwalk use

Here is an example of using snmpwalk command :

# Get the temperature on Juniper's SRX
 # OID : . ( )

snmpwalk –v2c –c Vdtg7hKk @ip .


iso. = Gauge32: 40