Plesk – Your emails aren’t sent by Plesk

E-mails from one of your domains may not be sent from your Plesk server but other domains will work.
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Symptoms</ h2>
The </ strong> domain is hosted on Plesk Server.
Emails from </ strong> are hosted on an external mail server.

The Plesk server is attempting to send a message to a mailbox in the </ strong> domain.
This operation fails with the following message:

Cause</ h2>
Plesk configured the mail server to treat </ strong> as a local domain only.
Here’s how to fix this problem.

Answer</ h2>
Disable the email service for </ strong> subscription:

Log in to Plesk;
Go to subscriptions & gt; & gt; mail & gt; modify the parameters;
Uncheck enable the mail service on the domain and click OK.

The messaging service on the subscription can also be disabled by using the messaging utility:


pre> # plesk mail bin –off </ pre>
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Plesk – Your emails aren’t sent by Plesk