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On Linux system, there are a lot of commands to shutdown and reboot your system.
This tutorial aims to detail some existing possibilities.


The init_ command interact on the __run level system and announce to each process that the system will restart or shutdown and log this action.

init 6

init 0


The shutdown command has the same effect as init with the following additional elements :

  • warning users of the current action with a display on their terminal,
  • forbid new connections to the system,
  • program the execution of the command,
  • report to processes of extinction with a SIGTERM signal.
#Restart (reboot)
shutdown -r

#Shutdown now(halt)
shutdown -h now

#Shutdown at 10:15 / Shutdown in 60 minutes
shutdown -h 10:15
shutdown -h +60


The poweroff command is also useful since it allows direct shutdown without the shutdown command actions, which is equivalent to a halt -p:

#Alimentation's shutdown
halt -p