Test & Verify your SSL certificate

The HTTPS protocol is more and more widespread and it becomes necessary to install SSL / TLS </ strong> certificates on your web servers. We will see how to test and verify your certificates.


After setting up a certificate on a web server or on an appliance (reverse proxy, vpn ssl …), it is advisable to check the SSL / TLS security.
This verification can be done with Qualys Ssl Server Test : https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/

On ssllabs website, a section Hostname allow to input a URL to test :
Example : jaguar-network.com

It take a few moment to verify a domain but you can see statut In progress to know progression.

In our example, we obtain a A+ rank, which indicates that the configuration is optimal.
If you click on domain link, you will see all details of your certificate(s).


Conditions to obtain a A+ rank are these following criterias :

Test & Verify your SSL certificate