Test your bandwith with Iperf

Iperf measures the bandwidth and quality of a network link. This tool is delimited by two machines on which Iperf is installed.


The quality of a link is determined primarily by the following factors:
– Latency (response time or RTT): can be measured using a ping.
– The variation of latency (jitter): can be measured by an Iperf UDP test.
– Loss of packet: can be measured with an Iperf UDP test.

The bandwidth can be measured by TCP tests between two points of the network, a server on one side and a client on the other side.
The measured bandwidth will correspond to the weakest link.

Download Iperf from officieal website for your OS : https://iperf.fr/fr/iperf-download.php (version 3 is better)

Par défaut, le client Iperf se connecte au serveur Iperf sur le port TCP 5001 (vérifier les ouvertures Firewall) et la bande passante affichée par Iperf est celle du client au serveur (donc upload depuis le client, pour tester le download il faut inverser les rôles des machines).

Bandwith TCP test

On the client side, you need to use this command :

And on server side :

Bandwith UDP test

On the client side, you need to use this command like (iperf -c IP_Address -u -b Bandwith) :

And on server side :

Test your bandwith with Iperf