The version 7 of PHP aims for a performance with a 64-bit compatibility, an execution speed two times greater than the original one and a random-access memory usage cut by two-thirds.
Available as the original version on Debian 9, a manual update is necessary for the previous distributions.
Prior to any significant manipulation, it is advised to safeguard your server (snapshot for instance).
Here are the different steps to update your php version on Debian 8 Jessie :

Deposition of dotdeb

In order to have the packages newer than the available ones on Debian, we are adding dotdeb to the system :

Deletion of PHP 5

Before installing PHP 7, we first stop and uninstall PHP 5 :

Installation of PHP 7

The PHP 7 installation differs depending on your server operating on Nginx or Apache :

Now we can check your PHP version with the following command :


Along with the installation, the PHP7 configuration differs according to you using Nginx or Apache.
With Apache, the PHP module is automatically activated whereas on Nginx, the socketde PHP-FPM get updated from /var/run/php5-fpm.sock to /run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock
Then, it is essential to change your configuration :

The configuration is complete, it is only important to know that the PHP configuration files are located in /etc/php/

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