IPcalc is a subnet mask calculation tool including CIDR’s writing.


Before starting to use IPcalc, you need to know the IPv4 subnet mask notion and CIDR’s writing.
IPcalc will allow you to know the details of an IP from its subnet mask without having to calculate it :

The IPcalc installation is operated according to the following way on Linux :

On Mac OS, it is possible to install IPcalc through Brew ( which is a package manager for OSX able to be used for other programs thereafter :


IPcalc is a relatively simple tool since it is enough to indicate the IP and its mask to get the result :

Searches can be done with different mask writings but also in subsearches while providing 2 masks :

Online IPcalc

The advantage of having IPcalc on your machine concerns your ability to get on hand information at any moment but the following script will help you to avoid an installation on your machine :

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